Back face Mercian Scorpion FGB : HS3618
Back face Mercian Scorpion FGB : HS3618
Front face Mercian Scorpion FGB : HS3618
Front face Mercian Scorpion FGB : HS3618

Scorpion FGB Hockey Stick

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Our classic wooden stick with a full fibreglass wrap to provide stiffness and durability. Suitable for use on all surfaces and by all but the strongest
players, the Scorpion and Scorpion FGB have been used in clubs, schools and colleges for over 25 years.

  • Simple wooden stick, hand made in our factory from a combination of Mulberry and Ash. 
  • A 7-ply laminated head allows for the full midi shape and a soft touch grip makes it comfortable in the hand. 
  • A full fibreglass wrap applied during construction helps with stiffness and durability.

The first stick needed for any player trying to get into the game, basic wooden core gives great feedback when executing skills, whilst the stiffness helps with hitting and slapping - the greater stiffness than the standard Scorpion gives more energy transfer and therefore higher ball speeds.

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