Mercian Hockey Duffel Bag with 36 White Dimple Hockey Balls - SKU HB1224DWHT
Mercian Hockey Duffel Bag with 36 Yellow Dimple Hockey Balls - SKU HB1224DYEL
Mercian Hockey Duffel Bag with 36 Orange Dimple Hockey Balls - SKU HB1224DORG
Mercian Hockey Duffel Bag with 36 Pink Dimple Hockey Balls - SKU HB1224DPNK

Genesis Training Ball Dimple (36 in a Bag)

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36 Practice Balls in a bag (Dimple)

36 plastic training balls in a bag, suitable for use on any surface at any level. Dimple and smooth versions available.

Stock colour 1: White
Stock colour 2: Orange
Stock colour 3: Pink
Stock colour 4: Yellow

Phthalates are a series of widely used chemicals that demonstrate to be endocrine disruptors and are detrimental to human health. Phthalates can be found in most products that have contact with plastics during producing, packaging, or delivering. Our balls are phthalate free

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