Front of Mercian Hockey Genesis 2 Black Shinpads (Shinguards) - SKU SGGE224BLK

Genesis 2 Shinguards 2024

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    Lightweight high-impact resistant shin-guards, made from innovative ABS* material. The shell has been reshaped; it still offers the same full protective ‘wrap’ as the ever-popular previous editions of the Evo 0.1 and Genesis 0.2 Shinguards. The new spine offers a small airgap to disperse energy, enhance protection and breathability. The ABS plastic shatterproof shell offers lightweight protection, very high impact strength, high tensile strength and stiffness and outstanding formability (shaping).

    *Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is considered to be a safe plastic, as it is non-toxic, with no known adverse health effects reported as a result of long exposure to the material. The plastic does not leach, nor is it carcinogenic. It is considered safe enough to be used in the manufacture of children’s toys and other products. FDA Certified. 

    • Certificated plastics used
    • Sizes: Large, Medium, Small, XSmall and XXSmall sizes available
    • Colours: Black 

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