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Evolution Pro Player Glove 2024 Open Palm

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The Evolution player’s gloves has an open palm, an integrated protective cage and lengthened finger protection. In our opinion (Mercian’s) the open palm gives the player a better grip and response between the skin and the actual grip on the stick. As with the genesis glove the plastic shell provides an impact shield against contact on the back of the hand and across the knuckles. The lengthened finger plates then enhance the protection further by shielding the bone between the hand and the first knuckle and extending to provide extra protection of the first knuckle. The thumb then has an overlapping pair of plastic shells to give an increased level of protection.

All the plastic plates and the cage are foam backed to provide comfort and then encased in a Lycra cover for flexibility, stretch and fit.

The glove is secured with a cuff and Velcro fastening.

  • Available in left and right hand
  • Sizes: XLarge, Large, Medium, Small and XSmall sizes available
  • Colours: Black

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