Mercian Indoor Evolution Pro Wood
Mercian Indoor Evolution Pro Wood

Mercian Indoor Evolution Pro Wood

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The only wooden indoor stick in the Evolution range, combining carbon, kevlar and fibreglass reinforcement over a wooden core. The Evolution Wood has a low bend to aid dragflicking and powerful push passing, but the most important feature is the enhanced touch and feel that the solid wooden core offers. Wooden hockey sticks are favoured by the top players in the leading indoor playing nations such as Germany, Poland and Austria..

  • 100% Wooden Core with fibreglass, carbon and kevlar reinforcement
  • Low Bend - approx 24mm, positon varies because of hand made craftsmanship


The pure wooden core gives a solid feel and great feedback to the player to aid ball control and skill execution. 


The carbon fibre strips are laid lengthways over the wood and then wrapped around it to give stiffness and therefore power. 


These materials are wrapped around the wooden shaft to increase stiffness but also durability.

  • Indoor skills are similar for all playing positions, everyone is expected to tackle in a low position and pass, dribble (and shoot) using a similar skill set. 
  • A wooden stick helps with touch and feel, giving great feedback into the hands to help with ball control and intricate skills. 
  • The compromise is power as a wooden stick is not as stiff as a composite model, but with hitting not a possibility indoors this is less relevant.

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